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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Yorgos Kertsopoulos performs using his innovation guitar support -amplifier version: "Superior" and two passive guitar's acoustical Timbre-Tone Equalizing Amplifiers "small" version, all attached on the double course guitar amplifying and equalizing the sound. Measurements have been taken and graphs are presented of SPL (db-dbA) meter, first measuring the room's threshold environment with no sound whatsoever (ambient sound) at 33db. Then, measurement of the guitar's sound one meter away from the SPL meter, without the amplifiers-equalizers giving an average reading of 70 dbA and measurement of the guitar's sound one meter away from the SPL meter, with the amplifiers-equalizers giving an average reading of 80 dbA. This 10 dbA average difference in the readings is perceived by the human perception as doubling of the volume (loudness). In SPL (Sound Pressure Level) criteria this difference of 10 dbA, between 70 dbA and 80 dbA is an increase of ten times more when the reading is 80 dbA in contrast to the 70 dbA. The innovation support-amplifier and equalizers are strictly pathetic acoustical members enhancing in an acoustical manner the sound of the guitar. They are not connected in any way to electrically or electronically working devices of any sort. As musical instruments, intonation is achieved to them, at all acoustical frequencies, they become an extension of the acoustical chamber-body resonator of the instrument itself upgrading the sound of any classical-flamenco or steel string acoustic guitar. An excerpt from his composition "magnapeiron" is performed in room conditions by Yorgos Kertsopoulos.The video of playing is taken by Apostolakis Konstantinos in room conditions at a distance of 1.7 m from the source and the recording has been left as recorded, no effect or mastering has been done on the sound. It is given here as recorded from the ZOOM Q8, as raw wave sound at 44.1 Khz.,,,,

Thursday, November 26, 2009


An article by Dionysia Blazaki

Music teacher and candidate Doctor
In Faculty of Musical Studies EKPA, Department of Music Aesthetics

Translation: Smaro Gregoriadou